Asturias, we’ll get there soon…

Asturias, Beach, Spain

We were meant to be in Asturias today, checking out places that we might want to live one day, but energies dictated otherwise, and we’ve had to put it off for now. But we’ll get there in the end, to that quiet mountainous province in the north, where the landscapes are so beautiful they just make you want to dance…

Coast of Asturias near Llanes, Spain

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  1. Damn you Ben Curtis. Here I sit in NYC, where there is NO Fabada, piss poor cider and the only bagpipees you hear are @ Police funerals. Rub it in, will ya?

  2. Asturias does look very picuresque and I really will have to visit as soon as possible. It’s a shame that Ryanair don’t fly to antwhere in Northern Spain anymore. I did manage to get to Santiago de Compostela before they stopped. Anyway, I don’t think anyone has mentioned Girona as an option for your new location. I had a brilliant time there, it’s a lovely city, big enough to have plenty going on but not too big. Beutiful countryside and mountains nearby and the warm med not far either. Just a thought. 🙂
    Only recently discovered your websites and podcasts and have to say thank you very, very much. They’re tremendous.

  3. @Thanks Stephen! I’ve heard Girona is lovely, and although I don’t think we want to live in that region (no particular reason why not), we really have to get there one day!

  4. My suggestion would be not to narrow your options just because of the ‘brand’. Asturias is just a name for a region, very beautiful, but I think you’re looking for the pastoral lush green mountains next to the wild sea and you can have that in the whole northern coast of Spain, not just Asturias. That is Galicia, Cantabria and Euskadi. And Asturias too, of course. You couldn´t tell the difference between Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. The northern coast regions are pretty much alike. I wouldn´t discard the whole area or narrow the options just because of the name of the region.
    Good luck with your move!!.

  5. I agree with Parubin, the whole of the north coast is amazingly beautiful and spectacular. Well I’m guessing with Galicia, as I’ve not been there yet, but I’ve seen plenty of pics and videos of the landscape there. You only have to drive to Santander or to Oviedo to realise how gorgeous northern Spain is. It’s worth just spending time on Youtube searching for destinations such as Ribadesella, Llanes, Comillas etc. To be fair I’d like to see Ben pay an extended trip to the Basque country, there’s marvellous scenery there too. Perhaps when the new AVE link to Madrid is opened?

  6. We visited the northern coast the last two springs. It’s beautiful but just like the western coast of UK especially as regards weather (cool & wet). Our son lives in Cornwall and my two brothers in Pembrokeshire and friends in Donegal and you could be dropped down anywhere on the spanish north coast and think you were in the places I have mentioned. Having said that the cities are completely different. I think Oviedo is the city I would choose if I were going to live in that region. Apparently Woody Allen thinks it is the best city in the world.
    Good luck and enjoy your hunting.

  7. @IVAN – Just reread your comment, makes me laugh every time!

    @Parubin, DBMark – Yes, all of the North coast is amazing, and I hope to use the opportunity to visit more of it, but we have to pick somewhere as a base.

    @Jocelyn – Cornwall is the place I miss most in the UK, perhaps that’s what draws me to Asturias! Interesting about Woody and Oviedo…

  8. I think if you can create NFS, a move to Oviedo or some other Asturian destination is easily within your grasp.

  9. @Pippa, I should have mentioned that I was talking about flights from Liverpool. A couple of years ago Ryanair flew to Santiago, Santader and Bilbao from Liverpool. We took advantage straight away and took a short break in Santiago. It’s gone from 3 destinations to zero. I would now have to drive down to Stanstead or fly to Madrid and then onto Northern Spain.
    Most disappointing. 🙁

  10. @Stephen: You have easyjet from Stansted to Asturias (not as cheap as ryanair and it’s from London, not from Liverpool… hahahah) but it’s another option

  11. Hm. This is more evidence, if it were needed, that Ben is “going native”. I happen to like Asturias a lot, since it reminds me of home (NW coast of N America) and I find the parallels between coastal/green/political left vs interior/brown(in more ways than one)/politically conservative quite striking. That is, the more maritime, greener side of the mountains is also politically greener, both in northern Spain and the NW USA. But I notice that most brits (tourists or residents) are not interested in the “cornisa cantabrica”, instead making a beeline for the more sunny “exotic” mediterranean zones. But spaniards see things differently. Asturias seems to have a very big place in the Spanish imagination (and I’m not just talking about Pelayo and Covadonga and all that stuff). Just think of all the novels and TV series set in Asturias. I guess after a summer or two broiling on the meseta central that green coast must develop a sort of paradisiacal allure.

  12. @thuja: Remember that Galicia is traditionally conservative (PP) and the Basque Country voted PNV (conservative and nationalist) since la Transición… even in this last elections the most voted party was PNV.

  13. I too am drawn to Asturias. There’s something about its landscape,culture,gastronomy and people that makes it so appealing to me. I’m sure Ben’s future stories on Asturias’ hidden gems will be treasures themselves. ‘can’t wait. 🙂

  14. My family and I are looking to relocate from SE England to Asturias at the back-end of 2010. We just can’t decide where to go. We love Gijon, Oviedo Ribadesella and Infiesto and all of them would make a great base. Asturias is a beautiful part of Spain but it is the people that make it really special. Oh, and the food of course. And the lack of British boozy ex-pats.

  15. I live in Oviedo in Asturias, moved here from London and I absolutely love it. Would totally recommend it to you guys. It´s very Spanish and the people are really friendly. There´s hundreds of hidden gorgeous beaches that are not too touristy. You have the mountains and forests and every corner is waiting to be explored.

    Oviedo is not big but it has a nice old town with great Tapas bars and nightlife. Gijon is slightly larger and more modern with a good music scene.

    Easyjet fly to Stansted. No problems. Dirt cheap. There are a very, few, bilingual, well-integrated ex-pats in Asturias. Don´t expect to buy anything English here though or have Sky TV – this is the real Spain.

  16. @Doc, thanks for the comment. I can live without sky TV, have done so far! Interesting there are so few expats up there – guess they all head for the sun!

  17. I’m from Ireland – My wife is from Aviles, Asturias. We live in Ireland, but live for Asturias! Can’t wait to get there for Christmas. It’s a special place. I hope to live there eventually:)

  18. Hi there ! I´m a new reader from Asturias and I´ll want you to know that I´m absolutely loving your blog, it has lots of interesting new points of view of my country !

    It´s always great to see the things from “the other side”.

    Keep it up 🙂


  19. Hello, I am sorry if I shouldn’t be on this site but I am eagerly trying to get some information on Asturias, I have visited there with my husband and he has been there several times, it’s his favourite place. He speaks fluent Spanish and is a furniture maker/carpenter/boat builder, I am trying to start a family (that will be my job ha). We want to live somewhere with nice people, great food, not too many English, we just need to find a little bit more out about the practical stuff like making money there, can anyone offer any advice or point us in the right direction to find information? Thanks Zoe.

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