Back soonish.

If you are new to, welcome! And please do take a good look around… The forum is great and super-active too.

For those that wonder where I’ve gone, I’m still collecting my thoughts after 8 months of little to no sleep (parenting related!) Now we are sleeping more, energies are still settling. Back soonish or laterish. I hope everyone is well. Ben.

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  1. Hi Ben
    If you´re finding organic veg difficult to get, why not grow your own on your roof terrace? Its surprising what you can grow in large tubs or troughs, lettuce,salad onions, radishes, tomatoes, leeks, beans,and carrots are all easy. The summer is difficult as its so hot but with some shading we manage. Its so rewarding and you can´t beat the taste!! Give it a go. Heather Almeria España

  2. I really enjoyed seeing Dickens mentioned on these pages. That’s completely “unspanish” content, since most of Dicken’s work can’t be understood without it’s context i.e. victorian society and contemporary London. Considering the gap between english and spanish social and economic development being very wide in 19. ct, I’m only slightly simplyfing when postulating besides a high rate of Sherry consumption there wasn’t much England and Spain had in common in Dickens’ times.

    Nevertheless I’d like to recommend “Barnaby Rudge” for further reading, a novel whose scene is set in (pre-victorian) times of late 18ct’s Gordon Riots.

    By the way, Ben: Charles Dickens had a vice you detest. He smoked. His cigar case and cutter are part of the exhibition at 48 Doughty St (Dickens house).

  3. Frank – I’ll defintiely get to “Barnaby Rudge”, I’m reading them all in order at the moment – with other things in between so as not to OD! As for the smoking, I guess in those days they didn’t know any better, so I?ll forgive him!

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