Trip to Gijon

Last week we were in Asturias, staying in Gijon. It’s a small city, industry (pretty heavy), on one side of a river, a lovely old town and beach on the other:

Even in early March, the grannies are on the beach in the morning, getting undressed and stuffing their clothes into giant plastic bags while they prepare to brave the waves for their daily swim.


Postcard views from the old town:


And what food! The menu del dia’s in Gijon comprise FOUR courses, not three, and would often include a fish that you might pay 20 euros for in Madrid alone – in Gijon the whole 4-course meal cost around 9.50 Euros.

One more photo of Gijon, The wonderous Gran Cafe Dindurra. A haven for old floor-tile fetishists (like me!):

Gran Cafe Dindurra, Gijon

And a final one from down the road in Ribadesella:


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  1. Did you know there is a direct connection between the Dindurra and the Teatro Jovellanos right next door?

  2. Lucky you! Asturias is one of my favourite places in the world… In fact, I’m just writing about my trip there!
    I prefer to go there in the summer when it’s a bit sunny! Of course, I guess if you come from a rainy country, rain doesn’t bother you 😛
    Did you see any hórreos? They’re so picturesque! 🙂

  3. ¡Xixón! Awesome shots! Diggin’ the sepia tone. There hasn’t been swell in the Cantabrian sea in more than a month, I’m going nuts. There is a good “right-hander” that breaks close to the church on low tide. If you get a good one, you can get tubed with a view of a 17th century monument, joder, only in Spain.

    Did you sample any urchins? Cabrales cheese? Sidra?

  4. I used to live just up the road from the Dindurra Cafe. Loved it. And that beach. Played many a footie game on there wearing the obligatory ballet shoes. Sometimes games were interrupted by incoming tide but it made it more fun

  5. So Ben, you finally made it to Gijon! I can’t praise this place highly enough. Tremendous coastal path for working up a good appetite. Didn’t see the Dindurra there but I can picture exactly where it is. Only found 3-course menus del dia but still tremendous value.

    We’re having a week in LLanes in the summer but couldn’t resist the temptation to add on a couple of nights in Gijon.

  6. This is my first comment, though I’ve been reading for months now. I love your photos, very beautiful. As I looked at the tile, I thought of how terrible it would be if the pattern were marred… just irreplaceable. Anywho, I always enjoy viewing your trip photos. Much envy and many hellos from Chicago!

  7. Awesome Ben.

    I had a great time in Gijon – I ate the house down everywhere I went, plus had the pleasure of going to a La Liga game. Those guys on the beach were playing bare foot during terrible weather – the sort where the mere act of kicking the ball hurts quite a bit. Very cool to watch

    Just seeing if the image code will work

  8. Hola Ben y Marina,
    I’ve been keeping up with your news but haven’t posted anything for a while. I shall be hiring a car from Asturias airport early June so will now, on your recommendation, call into Gijon. Then onto the Picos and walking part of, thanks to your blog last year, the Cares Gorge. A spot of culture will see us doing the Ruta de Indianos in Ribadeva. Loved the photos. Jill

  9. Sorry Ben, but I just read this on a previous blog and I can’t comment on that after 14 days.

    I love this line about a recent survey on British holiday choices:

    The survey showed that the US was the most popular destination measured by the growth of bookings, with some British tourists attracted by the prospect of “meeting a celebrity”.

    [Head falls into hands in desperation…]


    Well, would you believe that some people (OK, girls) now travel from melbourne just for a glimpse of their favourite Spanish podcast celebrity??? Yes, it’s true…

  10. looking at thaose photos, I noticed 2 things:

    1) Gijon is still Black & White

    2) there are very few people living there.

    I think if I was used to living in a world-class city I might find it disconcerting to live in a monochrome town with hardly any other human beings….

    or is that just your style as a photographer?

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