“At least it’s good for my Spanish!”

There have been many times over the last 12 years in Spain when, faced with a situation where I’ve felt waaaaaaay-in over my head as a non-native speaker, I’ve sat back, smiled (or winced!), and said to myself, “Oh well, at least it’s good for my Spanish!”

These situations include everything from the truly horrendous (speaking in Spanish to morticians after the death of a friend), to the exceedingly-important-not-to-get-it-wrong (negotiating the purchase of a flat, as related here), and the truly fantastic (getting through the technical Spanish of my wife’s pregnancy and the birth of our son!)

Whenever I felt in over my head, I just remembered the mantra: “At least it’s good for my Spanish!”

Over at our sister site Notes in Spanish, we are giving away lots of free videos and special reports this week that will, without any doubt, be very very good for your Spanish!

7 Replies to ““At least it’s good for my Spanish!””

  1. It always seems to be important, official situations where my understanding goes out the window. Dentist, doctor, gestor etc

    I usually have to ask, “so that thing you just explained? I have to do that or definitely NOT do that?”

  2. Our problem is catalan, we can’t cope with learning spanish at the same time… well not on purpose anyway!

    1. Well, I wasn’t going to mention the Catalan, but with a Catalan girlfriend and all of her family and friends I am often to be seen glassy eyed, staring out of the window in the midst of a big get together. I try my best though.

  3. as a TEFL teacher it is exactly these situations which we try to mimick in classrooms as role plays, because they are so useful for teaching a language. ( well…..maybe not childbirth)

  4. Tell me about it… I’m always making a fool of myself inventing my own Spanish words, cracking everyone up. We all hafta admit, it’s still kinda fun! 😉

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