Los Gazquez – Notes from Spain Podcast 77

Los Gazquez Art

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This past week we headed to Almería to polish up my art skills, and talk to Simon at the Cortijada Los Gazquez, an incredible restored country house in a wild Natural Park in Almeria.

The house is totally off-grid, has some amazing eco-enhancements making it almost entirely energy and resource-independent, and tremendous art projects on the go, including creative art courses and artist residencies.

Listen to the podcast above, see some more images from our stay below, and do consider a trip to check out the amazing Los Gazquez experience: www.losgazquez.com

11 Replies to “Los Gazquez – Notes from Spain Podcast 77”

  1. What nice art. It must feel good getting in touch with your artistic side. I long for the same thing. Society forces us to take paths which deviate from our true nature, and we are sometimes forever separated from that which we hold so dear.

  2. Very nice ,i invite to the whole people to visit this reserve nature and to enjoy of the sun,good climate, and
    especially of the great gastronomy within reach of all the persons.

  3. I truly enjoyed listening while looking at the photographs. I wonder how they stumbled upon the pristine place. Spain has so many interesting places to visit, don’t you think so?

  4. What a great place. Shame that it doesn’t have water supplied on site throughout the year but I guess the extra work to bring it in is worth it for the natural beauty and peace.
    As for the drawings, the rhythm of the line is strong and the depiction of light and shade in the top work conveys an authentic atmosphere. It’ll be interesting to see where your foray into art leads you next.

  5. Hola Ben,

    Yo encontrado tu website por accidente quando yo busco website para photografia. Esta es la buena suerte, por que yo estoy tratando aprendado a espanol, tambien. Yo estudiar espanol para una mes, ahora. Me encanta podcast de Marina y tu. Este ayuda me a construir *sentences* (yo no sabes como que digo ‘sentences’ en espanol). Me encanta photografia, tambien. Yo tengo una photografi blog http://blog.mrahmanphoto.com. Me le gusta tus photografie. Pues, esta es dificil. Espero que tu entiendo que yo hablando. Me espanol es muy malo 🙂 Hablo con tu luego. Mantener encima tus bien trabajo!!

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