A short history of Spanish cinema, and Spanish graduates heading abroad…

Cabo de Trafalgar, Near Vejer de la Frontera
Photo: Cabo de Trafalgar, near Vejer de la Frontera

Two very interesting articles in the Guardian have recently been pointed out to me by listeners at our Spanish learning sister site Notesinspanish.com

First, A short history of Spanish cinema – loads of trailers.

Do read the Guardian comments too for more recommendations. (As the first comment points out, you might need a 3 hour lunch-break to watch all the trailers in the article!)

Secondly, Spain’s lost generation of graduates join wave of migrants in search of jobs tells the story of those fleeing the crisis in Spain to seek work in locations like London.

Finally, a quick plug…

…a very good friend of mine has put a website together to help his mother (also a great friend of mine!) rent her very nice house in Vejer de la Frontera. Even if you don’t want to rent a holiday house in Vejer, then I thoroughly recommend looking at the photos in the galleries, they are great! This is without doubt one of my favourite parts of Spain. Check it all out here: A house in Vejer

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  1. Brilliant week of articles in the Guardian. Make sure to check them out in full especially the superb article today about healthcare

  2. Wonderful photo of Cabo de Trafalgar. Reminds me a lot of Cabo de Gata in Almería. I wonder how many similar unspoilt beaches there still are around the coast of Spain.

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