Big Vultures in Sepulveda – Notes from Spain Podcast 78


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Ben and Marina are back, talking about Sepulveda (photo above), the Hoces Del Rio Duratón, life in the Barrio and more…. Leave us a comment if you’ve listened, or have a question or topic for the next podcast.

More photos… A typical Castilla y Leon roadside landscape:

Castilla y Leon Landscape

A view over the valley below Sepulveda town:

View from Sepulveda town

Amusing sign on the wall in Sepulveda:

Sign on the wall in Sepulveda

Where to find Sepulveda:

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16 Replies to “Big Vultures in Sepulveda – Notes from Spain Podcast 78”

  1. Hi Ben and Marina!

    It´s been a while since I commented, but happy to hear you back blogging again, and especially talking about the Sepúlveda area as I was there at Easter, staying near to Segovia but travelling around. I loved Sepúlveda very much, a lovely town. Also recommended are Pedraza, and also a trip to see the house and gardens at San Idelfonso.

    Hope the move goes well!

  2. I grew up in a Los Angeles suburb called “Sepulveda”—since renamed “North Hills” in an attempt to distance itself from the burgeoning latino pollution—and when I passed through lovely Sepulveda, Spain, I wondered what parallel existence I could have had as a kid there.

  3. Great podcast. Sepulveda seems to be a nice place. Hope the little one is doing well. Really enjoyed NIS Gold 2. Still going through them!!

  4. Well you know I was going to listen!! Great to hear the old magic again. I really miss your exploratory podcasts and hope to hear more.

  5. I’m listening! And I’m slowly making my way through your beginner, intermediate, and advanced NIS podcasts. Marina will you be making more Cuisine from Spain podcasts one day?

  6. Great to have you back! Loved it. You were our inspiration for our trip to Spain last year – cannot wait to go back! Looking forward to more podcasts! Would love some veggie based cooking podcasts too. All the best.

  7. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the post. Funny the first year I visited Spain my spanish Friend tooks us on a day trip to Sepulveda and Pedraza. Have some photos I would love to share sometime

    Thanks for the Podcast, always great to hear you two.


  8. Great to hear from you again! I lived in Castilla y León for a year and loved it. This podcast really took me back, I sure miss it. Glad to hear you guys are still doing well and I can’t wait for the next podcast. (Perhaps something from La Rioja, Logoroño?)

    ‘ta logo,

  9. Just listening to your podcast now—so glad for a fresh installment—and I remember having lunch in Pedraza… we parked our car next to a small panel truck from which came soft bleating sounds. I peeked between the slats and saw cute, white, little lambs peering back at me. My girlfriend said, “No te hagas muy amigo, que pronto vamos a comernos uno.”

  10. I was thrilled to see another podcast pop up in my feedreader! Welcome back, Ben and Marina!

  11. What a great surprise to find a new notesfromspain podcast on my iPod. Please keep recording on your trips around town and the country.

  12. What a treat to have another Notes from Spain podcast! I’ve missed them so much. Thanks for finding time amidst your busy lives as parents to record more podcasts. Ben, please do keep striving for #100 (and then keep going for #200). I love listening to you and Marina. It helps keep me connected to my beloved Spain, where I lived for a year and a half before returning to California six years ago.

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