Still In Love With Asturias…

 Lago Ercina, Covadonga, Asturias

Lago Ercina, The Higher of the Covadonga Lakes.

Playa de Cuevas del Mar, Asturias

Playa de Cuevas del Mar (Map)

Asturias is still as green and majestic as ever (as if it would have changed!) Where else in the world can you leave such a stunning coastline and in under an hour be high up in mountains so impressive that they even look down on other slightly smaller mountain ranges below! Thank goodness it rains so much in Asturias, to keep it all so deep green, and to keep the developers at bay!

We stayed at the extremely nice, exceptionally friendly La Rondita. And it didn’t rain once!

3 Replies to “Still In Love With Asturias…”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Asturias. My husband and I retired to Asturias in 2006 and we love it here. Yes, when it does rain it can be pretty heavy at times but we get some lovely weather too. We are also volunteer helpers at a sanctuary near Arriondas which cares for mainly elderly donkeys who have worked hard and need a well-deserved rest. Perhaps next time you visit this beautiful area you will call in to see the donkeys.

    Thank you for your extremely helpful podcasts which have enabled us to improve our Spanish – but not our Asturianu (Bable) unfortunately!!

  2. In my opinion, Asturias and Cantabria are extremely similar in many respects and both absolutely breathtaking. They have the huge “advantage” that their weather doesn’t make them specially propitious for massive tourism, unlike the dramatically spoiled Mediterranean. It is just impossible to have a passable idea of what Spain is without having visited at least one of these two regions.

  3. I have just started to learn Spanish and intend to travel to many of these new places. The pics look so beautiful, i may just have to add Asturias as must see!

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