Being Happy

Happy skating guy in the Retiro park

…is up to you, only up to you, and not up to anyone else. Look after yourself, do things you like, love yourself (and other people will love you more as a result)

…means being peaceful about stopping a lot

…is about realising all the reasons you already have to be happy

…is about giving up ideas about things you don’t have or aren’t doing that you are convinced will make you happier when you are already actually quite happy as it is

…is about giving more to get more

…is living in the present, not the past, not the future

…is about positivity

…is getting out and about

…is getting unstuck

…is moving, but not striving

…is just relaxing and not trying too hard

…is saying, OK, why not, that should be interesting

…is letting go

…is realising all crises are impermanent (and so is everything else)

…is listening to the birds, or the wind in the trees

…is walking up a new hill

…is giving the person you are with all your attention

…is thinking I was writing this post on another secret (no longer secret) ‘in the works’ blog project of mine, then suddenly realising I am writing the draft post here on by mistake instead, and deciding to publish it here anyway. I’ll add a pretty photo to the top too, of the super-happy guy who skates around the statue of the devil in the Retiro park. Hopefully the photo or the words will make someone happier. Maybe I’ll explain all the points one by one on my the new blog if anyone is interested. Or here. There are no mistakes after all! Un abrazo, Ben

What makes YOU happy?

4 Replies to “Being Happy”

  1. Happiness isn’t the same as contentment, which is what most people want. I think happiness comes in short bursts hopefully throughout the day, but it is important not to miss it and to realise there is no need to be happy all the time. For me it includes music, singing, laughing and sharing. In my garden yesterday despite a hail shower it was the wonderful sky looking at clouds is fascinating, birdsong and apple blossom and because it was cold a nice cup of tea and a crumpet! I am looking forward to a friend’s birthday party this weekend and before that my Spanish class where we will learn new things, enjoy each other’s company and try not to speak English. For those who enjoy learning about the Spanish language and culture this series of programmes is worth dipping into and happiness tumbles out of them:

    1. Thanks Pat – I’ll check out that program. And the cup of tea, crumpets and hailstorm sound like happiness indeed!

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