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Ben 12th June 2008 08:59 AM

Keeping the forum great and on topic
The Notes from Spain forum has always been characterised by the following:

1) Sharing and disseminating useful information about Spain and learning Spanish, with help from people who are really enthusiastic about both.

2) Providing positive encouragement to others who are considering moving to or living in Spain, or who want help with their Spanish.

3) Enthusiastcly discussing other topics of interest such as technology or photography.

Recently a few forum posts have been veering quickly off topic, into one-liner back and forth and occasional rudeness and sniping. This does not encourage people to add new useful information to topics of interest, or to stick around in or join the forum.

There is nothing wrong with friendly banter but please:

- Stay on topic in the forum and let's keep this a useful, interesting resource.
- If you want to be rude about Spain or the Spanish there are other forums where that is more acceptable.
- If you want to ramble off topic use the "Life, the Universe, and Everything Else" section of the forum
- Stick around and keep using the forum for the wonderful, friendly resource it is!

Many many thanks for helping to keep this one of the best Spain and Spanish forums on the net! We are going to do everything we can to keep this great resource growing.


ValenciaSon 12th June 2008 01:18 PM

Have you thought of adding a graphic next to each forum section which indicated the relevance to learning Spanish?

Ben 12th June 2008 01:25 PM

Thanks VS, I'll think about that. The trouble is that the logo for NIS and NFS is the same, though that may change at some point, in whcih case I'll make adjustments as you suggest so that they match.

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