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SrCandas 8th November 2010 05:44 PM

With Ben and Marina's blessing a new foro has been born. It is not like this one yet. It is rough. It has a few ads 'cause it is free. It has very few categories or forums (thanks for the tip Ben :thumbs-up:) And it may well move to a nicer residence when the economy improves. But whatever it will get better.

Just felt we had to keep the momentum going or we would never get it together again :)

If you want to join and maintain the spirit of this place please give it a go.

It will not be a total mirror image of here (it can't be), it will evolve, hopefully with your help.

Cheers Nigel

greytop 11th November 2010 07:27 AM

For those of us who need a fix! Repeat of post from Forum Admin. One advert we won't be banning ;D

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