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Andrini 15th June 2010 03:29 AM

Books on Spanish Food
I just read a post on the forum that suggests building a vocabulary by reading Spanish-language reading materials that interest you. Well I'm very interested in cultural food and cooking. Does anyone have any suggestions of Spanish books about food (Spanish or Latin American)? Not cookbooks, but books about the food and culture.


dimonió 23rd June 2010 01:22 PM

Hi Andrini

There is a controversial book by Santi Santamaria called "La cocina al desnudo" in which Cataluyna's first recipient of 3 Michelin stars lays into the chemical cooking of some of the more famous Spanish and UK cooks.

He is a larger than life character who as well as being the owner of the excellent Ca'n Fabes restaurant in Sant Celoni also used to contribute a weekly column to La Vanguardia.

Hope that's of interest.

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