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SrCandas 14th August 2010 09:28 PM

Bit of feedback
Ben y Marina

I only found this place a few days back. I've listened to a few podcasts and they seem really useful. I like the laid back style and being a brit married to a Sevillana I can very much relate to some of the humour between you ;). I can also squeeze in a 30 minute chunk as and when - great format.

I started learning spanish 25 years ago but have had very little formal training (and even now only spend about 8 weeks a year in Spain). That said as Pilar speaks very little English I can survive under most circumstances (accept as when Ben you went to the inlaws and as you said it is not the speed but the 5 distinct conversations all taking place at the same time :confused:). The other problem is that Pilar and I speak a strange form of Spaningles which doesn't help.

Apart from my lack of accurate grammar I also suffer from spending time in Asturias: perrin, gaites, pote and other local words are creeping in.

Anyway I'll be using the intermediate to quickly revise and the advanced to try and improve my listening and accuracy. Alongside I'll try and find a good source of exercises (?)

Also think the foro is great. Appears lots of helpful spanish speakers around.

Well onward and upward. Un saludo Nigel

SrCandas 19th September 2010 10:21 AM

Quick update: I've been using the podcasts for over a month and they are great. I listen 2 or 3 times then read the notes and listen again and again (but mainly just in the background). And there are enough of them not to get bored. Best learning help I've found in years.

What's really good is that the conversation is real. You can tell when Marina finds Ben amusing, frustrating or whatever. And the odd times ben makes an error Marina is straight in there - and I find that really helps me remember those bits.

Just wanted to say tx B&M :cool:

Just a thought: Supposing you identified a page in a spanish newspaper and on the net we get a chance to read and study it. Then a few days later you (Ben & Marina) discuss it on a podcast. I'd be happy to pay for that. OK probably just a crazy idea. :)

SrCandas 6th November 2010 01:08 PM

Now been using the podcasts and notes for 3 months. And still using them probably twice a week. Can't recommend them enough. I first bought them thinking with so many they should last a while, I've listened to about half of them and seriously studied about a quarter, but now I find myself happy to revisit them when something crops up. Say I get an invite to a wedding I go hunt the wedding podcasts, or whatever.

I'm not normally this easily pleased ;D If you're thinking about buying the notes, do it. You'll not regret it.

Mierda I am sounding like I've been bribed. Never met them, Ben or Marina and being based in Hampshire and Asturias very unlikely to :)

Please more podcasts guys :thumbs-up:

Ben 7th November 2010 08:09 AM

Thanks for the lovely feedback! More audio likely to be approaching soon... :) Keep an eye on the Notes in Spanish newsletter!

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