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mightykaboosh 1st October 2010 04:53 PM

Fruit and Vegetables
Can someone please explain to me why in English 100 fish still equals fish (not fishes)

vegetables = vegetables

but fruit never seems to be pluralised, i.e I eat a lot of fruit. :confused::blush:

greytop 1st October 2010 07:00 PM

They are "collective nouns" or "uncountable"and don't need to be pluralised.
You will see fishes used though as it refers to more than one individual fish.
Same with fruit - I eat fruits (= products) from many countries
There is probably an abbreviation beside these in your dictionary, or a note such as this from Wordreference

fish1 /fɪʃ/ sustantivo (pl fish or fishes)...

butter1 /'bʌtər / || /'bʌtə(r)/ n uncountable mantequilla f, manteca f

fruit /fru:t/ sustantivo
    1. uncountable (collectively) fruta f;
      dried ~
      (BrE) fruta f seca;
      (before noun) ~ juice jugo m or (Esp) zumo m de frutas;
      ~ tree
      árbol m frutal
    1. countable (type — as food) fruta f;
      (Bot) fruto m
  1. uncountable or countable (product) fruto m;

mightykaboosh 1st October 2010 07:53 PM

#Thanks (so much to learn & so many questions)

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