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cronos 8th November 2010 09:32 PM

yo y mí, beginners question.
Hi all, another beginners question. I've been working through some books and I'm a bit confused about the usage of yo and mí. For example, some translations given were:

según yo, ... : according to me
hay veinte personas aquí, incluso tú y yo: there are twenty people here, including you and me
él vive al lado de mí: he lives next door to me

Is there a simple rule for when yo is used and when mí is used or can anyone point me to an article about this?

Urgellenk 8th November 2010 11:42 PM

There is a very simple rule you can follow: you cannot use "yo" after a preposition - or any other personal pronoun used as a subject for the same matter. In those cases, you have to use the oblique form of the pronoun (mí, ti, etc.).

The problem is that some of the examples that you provide are a bit tricky.

"según" is a preposition, but it is one of the two exceptions that confirm the rule (the other is "entre" - "entre tú y yo = between you and me"). However, the usage of subject pronouns after según is almost restricted to some American countries. I believe that "según yo" sounds a bit awkward to most native speakers from Spain, and they'd rather say something in the lines of "en mi opinión", "según mi parecer"....

The sentence "hay veinte personas aquí, incluso tú y yo" does not sound very natural to me either. Maybe it is also common in America, but I believe most Spaniards would say something like "Hay veinte personas, incluyéndonos a ti y a mí" or "incluidos nosotros dos" or even "tú y yo inclusos". In any event, it does not contradict the general rule, because "incluso" is an adverb and not a preposition.

I hope that helps.

Steve W 11th November 2010 03:39 PM

I think your English is a bit wrong as well

Your example should surely be:

there are twenty people here, including you and I

I hope I got that right myself. I'm losing some bits of my English with all the Spanish I have been learning.

cronos 11th November 2010 08:57 PM

Yes, I think you're right there Steve, it should be "you and I". I was copying it from the book and didn't even think! Just found another annoying mistake in one of the translated passages as well. If anyone has practice makes perfect - spanish pronouns and prepositions they might like to check out the translation of 6-4 where it translates "the first is delicious. the second is, too. the third is not bad. the fourth is a challenge. the fifth is absurd..... the ninth is pure torture. the tenth is impossible". In the translation to spanish they use está for the first... and third... and es for the rest of them, doesn't seem right to me!

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