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Originally Posted by Acosta View Post
techno-lust is a dangerous sickness
..and one afflicting the majority of human-kind these days!

Originally Posted by gary View Post
Ben - I have persuaded my current employer I need one so it'll be 64GB 3G and all the peripherals - cover, camera adapters, VGA connetter, power supply - I held off on the docks as the ipad doesn't dock in it's cover - I'm sure they'll fix that - the cover is ace!!
Having spent tim on the iPhone the virtual keyboard is simply luxurious.
It is an amazing thing to use - it's the computer for the living room handy but inconspicuous - when you're not using it it's a digital photo frame - if yo have kids no need to buy an in car DVD for long journeys, if you're fed up of tv read a book, great for films on an aeroplane, or even watching something worthwhile whilst she who must be obeyed is watching the soaps.
Very nice! Still tempted... but not tempted enough yet
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