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Originally Posted by icecold View Post
Doesn't seem like it any more. Even her sponsors are backing off.

I like Obama's wife's attitude. She is firm, but discrete and "in her place". Hillary never was. Why not say it : she bore with her husband's lies and unfaithfulness because she was reaching higher. Seldom have I seen such a calculating woman. Calculating and cold like a fish. Ah...and her tears (again!!!) haven't fooled anybody this time!!

Jesus! I hope he won't. In any case, I suppose she would, being the calculating fish she is. Better second choice than nothing, her fate in life as it seems.

I think this young man is amazing, strong, fresh in his thoughts, nice family man, good and strong handshake, natural, a fighter.

I saw him on the Jay Leno show. No doubt the best.
You know Barak was at a coffeehouse the day before yesterday in my neighborhood and I missed it!
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