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Kitchen vocabulary so far

un cuchillo a knife
Una copa...a glass for beer
los cubiertos cutlery
El horno - The oven
abrelatas -- the can opener
Pelepatatas - Potato peeler
un lavaplatos o también se llama un lavavajillas – Dishwasher
espátula spatula
sacacorchos corkscrew
la mesa (table)
una mujer - a woman
Especias – spices
Un microonda (masculine) Microwave
Pasapurés- Potato masher
cocinar to cook
escurre verduras – colander
Molinillo doohickey you stir up hot chocolate with
Ajo garlic
Cebolla onion

I got this for Pasapurés Can you mash potato with it?

I think you can mash up anything with it.

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