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Default Spanish pronunciation

I'm getting back into Spanish after a bit of a hiatus; there a number of pronunciation issues that I never managed to get my head round.

1. how does one pronounce words with 'cc' in (like acción, elección etc.) Is it "ak-see-on" or "as-sion"? (using Latin American pronunciation here).

2. How about words like leer, creer (to read)? Is this like English (so it rhymes with 'ear') or more like "le-er"??

3. I am also wondering about words like India, Bolivia, Colombia. Using the 'stress the penultimate syllable if it ends in a vowel' rule one would stress the last i whihc sounds strange to my English ear. Are they pronounced like English or with the stress on the second i?

4. Finally I am wondering about when vowels are followed by an 'r' (i.e. andar, comer etc. In English the 'r' usually changes the sound ie. makes it a long 'aa' in far, ajar etc. or with 'or' it chnages to an 'aw' sound. Is this the same in Spanish or is more like French where the vowel is basically the same but with an 'r' at the end?

any help much appreciated,
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