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It's proving more difficult to get my photos online than I thought. It may have to wait until I get back. There is a pay as you go computer in the hotel but it doesn't have a USB port. The hotel staff don't seem to understand what it is and insist that is has one. I wonder how long it takes for them to find the power switch on the office computers. My mobile phone doesn't plug into the wall - I need a USB port. I tried to explain this to the receptionist and she pointed to the computer in the lobby. Yes, I was expected to wait for hours while it charged.

I find it very funny that technology is just not as prevalent here. When the receptionist finally understood why I wanted her to take it she was very embarrassed and helpful.

I'm watching the TV. Hundreds of young men are being chased down the street by about a dozen bulls. There is a clock on the corner of the screen, presumably waiting to report the time of the first fatality. There seem to be four injuries - three of them from horns and one from falling down a set of stairs.

We were told in Scotland that the bus service was terrible here. Compared to what, I wonder. Seems pretty good to me, and if we're going by Scottish standards they're positively luxurious. The seats in Scotland are so close together, designed by a pissed off midget determined to get revenge on the world. They are programmed such that the heating system breaks in the winter but they always manage to fix it in time for the summer when it is no longer required. And you get no change.

Here the buses arrive every half hour to an hour (not bad when you remember the population of the island). When you step on, they are like fridges which is very welcome. Yesterday it was 35 degrees.

10 mins on the bus took us into Ciutadella, the old capital. It's a lovely town and if you can possibly visit, you should. Of course, it's very touristy but that's to be expected from an island on which everyone depends directly or indirectly on tourism. We had a lovely lunch of calamares, patatas bravas, pimientos al padrón and cuttlefish. I have a photo of it and I'll post it when I can.

We wanted to visit some of the touristy stuff but the siesta hours of 13h to 17h are so well respected that during those hours, it is impossible to do any shopping and only possible to eat crisps. We didn't get to see anything and the tourist office shut too.

Through the old streets you are reminded of Italy; Small closes that you could reach across and hand a pot of coffee to your neighbour and probably smell what they're making for dinner.

Ciutadella port is very picturesque. The waters are full of fish - a waiter very keen on practising his English informs me that they are mullet. We got a couple of very expensive 'you're paying for the view' drinks and the waiter supplied us with bread. As word got round the port that there was a Scots tourist giving away bread, larger and larger fish arrived. Again, I have some pictures.

The staff of the retaurant were out to have their lunch and talking about whatever girl they had seen passing (¡guapa, guapa, guapa!). We talked about the decline of tourism in Menorca, the similarity of the Scots and the Irish to Asturians, and a mutual hatred of the French (the final 's' of 'los franceses' was hissed) . I actually don't hate the French but it felt good to walllow in the latest World Cup exit. The chef told me how Ciutadella basically shuts in the winter and that he goes fishing then. I don't know if I could take 6-8 months of fishing . . .

Anyway, I'm going to get ready to go to Fornells. ¡ciao!
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