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Originally Posted by alan
As long as the beer is cheap, they“re happy.
This has never ceased to amaze me. Some years ago I went on a trip on a coach - my mate runs the company and we got a good deal as we were out of our entertainment business retirement providing the 'talent' in the hotel in the days. The clientelle are invariably pensioners. Every day the main topic of conversation consisted of the following
  • the best exchange rate (they walked miles to make an extra few cents - no one had a bank card)
  • the pub where the cheapest beer was that did the best all day full English for lunch
  • the tabac with the cheapest fags
  • where you could get the cheapest spirits from
  • the fact that the wine that was provided with dinner tasted like vinagre (it was simply dry but very drinkable)
  • complaining about the price of the Sun / Mirror / Star
I know they are a generation that won at least one war, I have massive respect for them - my uncle has always refused to go abroad as he says he saw enough of the world between 1939 and 1945 to last him a lifetime - then he winks asd says " and they paid ME!"

I am saddened that they are a generation that have such a suspicion of everything around them when they are in another country and can only be comfortable surrounded by trappings of home. Even my mum when we took her to Lanzarote insisted on spending three times the money on UK branded stuff and wouldnt eat out because £12 was too expensive for a steak ( it was 1200 pesetas - a fiver - but we couldnt convince her.

If anyone is considering coach transport to go on holiday my advice is to avoid the 19 hours overnight in the coach unless you weigh less than ten stone, are under 5 foot tall and have a 24 inch inside leg - ie quite comfortable for kids. I once thought it would be nice to stick the kids - 14 and 11 at the time on a coach and for me anf Gill to fly and pick them up at the other end....then I woke up!!
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