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Default Wasteland section removed

It's been a turbulent time in the forum recently, but hopefully everything is getting back to normal now. I've learned (I hope) a lot about forum management recently, and hope a lot of the confusion caused in recent weeks won't be repeated in the future.

For a while we had a section called the 'Wasteland' that I thought was a good solution to the problem of good threads getting spoiled by bad/rude/irrelevent posts, but in fact I think that:

a) In future it will be better to just deal directly with those that are causing threads to degenerate, rather than moving all their bad posts to a seperate 'shame' area like the now-removed wasteland section of the forum.

b) I don't think it does the forum much good to have an archive of loads of rude or trashed posts. For that reason I've removed the wasteland section. Any posts that might have ended up there in the future can better be deleted by mods, and anyone that continually produces posts would have been moved there is better off banned from the forum.

I hope this all makes sense and that the forum can get back to normal!
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