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Reading a bit more about this in B & B, I was interested to read the following observations on another difference between British and US English.


De modo que/de manera que/de forma que may indicate either result or aim, and in the latter case they take the subjunctive. Unfortunately, some varieties of English (e.g. British) in which the subjunctive has virtually disappeared no longer systematically clarify the difference between result and aim in this kind of sentence, so Lo hizo de modo que nadie se enter๓ and Lo hizo de modo que nadie se enterase/enterara may both be translated 'He did it so no one realized', despite the fact that they mean entirely different things in Spanish.

It seems that North Americans systematically differentiate 'He did it so no one realized (de modo que nadie se enter๓) and 'He did it so no one would realize (subjunctive only: de modo que nadie se enterase/enterara).
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