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Originally Posted by Wildefish View Post

Could someone help me with this, I suspect part of the problem is that what I want to say is an incomplete phrase in English...anyway how would you say the following in Spanish:

I am so jealous (about Sydney, not the Tennis)!

A) estoy tan celosa (sobre sydney ni el tenis)
B) estoy tan celosa (sobre sydney no el tenis)
C) estoy tan celosa (sobre no el tenis sino sydney)

B) sounds wrong to me and C) feels like a roundabout way so leaning towards A...

I don't know how accurate or widespread this is, but I have avoided using "celoso" in this context since someone once told me that that is usually reserved for romantic/sexual jealousy.

I've always therefore used ¡Qué envidia! for the more general 'I'm so jealous'.

Perhaps some of the native speakers can comment as to whether there is any basis for the above concern.
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