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Originally Posted by gastephen View Post
I don't know how accurate or widespread this is, but I have avoided using "celoso" in this context since someone once told me that that is usually reserved for romantic/sexual jealousy.

I've always therefore used ¡Qué envidia! for the more general 'I'm so jealous'.

Perhaps some of the native speakers can comment as to whether there is any basis for the above concern.
Well, that's right, but using first person it works better "estar celoso" or "sentir celos", as "envidiar" is too strong.

Anyway, you're right about "envidia" would better be used here with an implicit subject and help from our friend Mr. Subjunctive:

Qué envidia ... que te vayas a Sidney, no por el tenis.

As you can see, here "envidia" is some sort of airborne quality ("there's much envy in the air ...") that disguises the fact that the person is jealous -the non romantic fashion-.
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