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One thing I do enjoy doing is posting a bit of a story in English and spending the many hours it takes to translate it into Spanish using the internet and the worksheet I have got from Ben and Mariena.
So here goes in English for now.
In the middle of Summer here we have day light from about 3am to 11.30pm Even when it gets dark at night there still is a hint of day light all though the night. I can and do, walk on at least one of the nights all the way though past the dawn. I have a name for this part of the summer "Magic Fortnight" because to me it is. I get out in the country side. As I said before the light still there is enough to see where I am going. If the weather is kind we get a light mist on the hills and you feel the cold of the night. the sounds of the mid summer nights are something I have grown to love. Being out in nature while the world around me sleeps is a wounderfull feeling. Also in the middle of this week We have a relay race on the Cleveland Way from Filey on the north sea coast to the Yorkshire town of Hemsley some 190 km. It starts at dawn 5 am with 16 runners running all day until 7pm. This event is only for the fun of it and it takes in all the glory of a mid summer in northern England.
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