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Originally Posted by Culebronchris View Post
So what does Richard Vaughan have to say about:
how to master the oral agility of grammar
how to focus on oral and aural confidence building
how to listen
He makes it quite clear that if you stated learning late that you will NEVER be fluent to native speakers level. He puts native speakers on a level ten and says that no late learner will ever acheive more than an eight.

The improvement in the oral and the aural abilities of his students are why he began English Village. (Pueblo InglÚs is a similar idea, but a different company. Now!) In his introductory talk to students he offers phrases like "Which world war was the worst world war" and "Do you own a boat" spoken very quickly and naturally. ie, with the words running into each other. It spooks the students, but does point out that classroom English ain┤t what is spoke in the street.

If you ever listen to his radio station (Vaughan Radio - it┤s on the internet. His personal segment is "Cloverdale".) you will hear that he works his students hard and repetatively. He┤s very successful, so his system must work.
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