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Originally Posted by ZeroTX View Post
Is it really that difficult?
The only problem I ran into in spain was after I FINALLY found a mail box and asked a local street vendor to borrow a pen to finish writing a few addresses.

Me: "Tienes una pluma que puedo usar?"
hombre: "una que??" - looking at me like I'm crazy.
Me: "una pluma" - making the motions of writing
hombre: "ahhh, un boli!"

He gave me a pen and went away, probably telling his coworker that I'm crazy. That was the only time I felt embarrased speaking spanish in spain. I didn't feel so bad though because after I left, on the very same street I saw a store called something like "Papeles y plumas." At that point I didn't know which was the correct word to use in spain.
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