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Originally Posted by ValenciaSon View Post
If not restricted to Windows, how about this?
No need for anything so complicated

iMovie will do everything you need to do and comes free with every Mac. If you are still using xp and intending to upgrade then I would recommend a platform switch to the highest spec Mac you can afford.
iMovie leads naturally into final cut express which is the entry level version of final cut pro - there is virtually nothing you can't do on the express platform, certainly for web publication and it's only about $199 as opposed to $999 for VS's pick (which includes a shed load of pro gear you won't need unless you are making a feature film commissioned by theBBC!!)

Further the new iPhone 4 records and edits video up to 720p resolution and is remarkable. The film of Valencia I made recently can be viewed on a 32" screen with no problem (note - the version published here is compressed by YouTube and so of considerably lower qualify then the original)

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