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Default Madrid recomendations please

Esteemed foreros,

Despite my 20 or 30 work trips to Madrid in recent years I am still struggling with this dilemma.

In November after one of my routine work trips, a handful of Brit friends will fly over to join me to spend a weekend in the capital.

I think that I OK guiding a little around the streets and the sights, however I am a little unsure about what to recommend for choices of restaurants/bars. The reasons for this are quite simple - when alone - I normally just take a stroll and when I feel hungry (or thirsty) I make a stop at the nearest bar that looks busy and take a bite there. Clearly I plan to do this during the weekend however my friends will expect at least a couple of recommendations.

We will be lunching at the famous Casa Mingo one day.

My friends are not particularly wealthy so we are not looking for high end super expensive choices.

Does anyone have any killer recommendations that will make me look good? ;-)

City centre preferred, however a Metro could be taken for an excellent local choice.
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