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Originally Posted by Juanjo View Post
The devil in me stopped me telling them that water made the burning tastebuds worse and they have some yoghurt (raita) to remove the sting!
Hmmm, Juanjo, you're a person with a sense of humor after my own heart, I see. . . .

In addition, I found this list on Wikipedia:

In the Spanish Speaking World:
  • Anís del Mono is the trade-mark of a popular anís made in Spain. The name is Spanish for "The Monkey's Anisette." It was first produced in 1904 under the trade-mark name Anís del Juliano or "Julian's Anisette."
  • Anís Najar is a brand produced in Arequípa, Peru since 1854. It is a high quality dry variety with a very high alcohol content (46.2º GL).
  • Chinchón is the designation of a sweet anís popular in certain regions of Spain. It is produced in Chinchón.
  • Cazalla is a dry variety well known in certain regions of Spain.
  • Aguardiente is the Colombian word for this drink.
  • Cartujo is one of the most widely know brands in Latin America. It is made in Venezuela and is usually mixed with juices, yogurt, or simply water. Still, many people prefer to drink it straight. It contains 30 ml of alcohol per litre (30º GL).
  • Anis Mico is the most popular brand of anís produced in Mexico.
  • Anís Gorila is produced in Puerto Rico.
Now I feel like trying them all! Well, maybe all except the gasoline ...
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