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Originally Posted by shrty411 View Post
I was interested if anyone had a "method " to learning vocab. Do you do groups or words ( animals, colors etc) or just words that seem like you would use?

It's a very personal thing and you need to experiment. Initially I concentrated on basic lists of words such as colours, food, parts of the body, weather terms, numbers (draw or use pictures where possible). Better to make these up yourself if you have time, as just looking for them and writing them down starts the learning process.
Other people like learning songs or watching films - but the visuals can get in the way of vocabulary.
As you get more confident then there are plenty of audio sources listed in the forum. Start with the BBC learning Spanish or radio plus of course the NIS podcasts. These podcasts from are also very clear & easy to understand.
And don't go at it too fast. Better a little and often than long sessions.
good luck - brian
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