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Originally Posted by ValenciaSon View Post
I just saw it. Very Hitchock, I must say. I liked it but then I'm biased. Have you heard of the new film Scorcese is working on? It's a documentary on the Rolling Stones.

BTW, I think anything Charlie Parker put out is great.
I think the music in the spot is Herrman's main tune in 'North by Northwest'.

I love the end of Scorsese's homage to Hitchcock in the Freixenet short-film, the final shot when he blends 'Rear Window' with 'The Birds'. He shows such great talent and love for films even when making a commercial ad.

I didnīt know about the Stones' documentary. I'm looking forward to it, It'll be fantastic if it is nearly as good as 'No Direction Home' (he's recent documentary on Bob Dylan).

I remember many powerful Rolling Stones songs in various of his films (Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed...).

One of his latest movies that I like better is 'Gangs of New York', although many Scorsese's fans do not agree with me.
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