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Originally Posted by fawlty View Post
Has anyone come across this word (it may have an accent over the i)

I hear it used quite a lot in my area. It seems to be used as an expression of surprise like ´you´re joking´

I was talking to the Spanish owner of my local bar about it and she said it was an expression from the Bilbao area.

My grandson, who is only 8, but a native Spanish speaker tells me it is ´una palabra rota´ (swear word), but the bar owner says not.

I can´t seem to find the word in any dictionaries, or the usual translation sites.
My dictionary of slang says that it is a mild way of swearing (jolín=joder) just like "Oh shoot!" or "Christmas!" or as a very religious friend used to say when extremely annoyed "Great Brass BUCKets!".
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