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Originally Posted by gtappend View Post
I don't get that explanation either.

If their name server(s) were down, then that should not affect the rest of the world because we are getting the IP from the DNS lookup at our own providers.

It would affect sending out mails from the forum (eg. "you have a new private message..."), because their mail server would not be able to do a DNS lookup unless it could bypass their DNS relay.

(a) they use using some form of reverse lookup to send the IP packets back to the clients rather than just responding to the IP address
(b) they don't really mean the name servers, but instead the name allocation tables (NAT) on their own gateways to know where to send the IP packets in their server farm

But in both cases, this should also affect the NFS blog in the same way. If it didn't, then I would go back to my suspicions about the SQL database being the root cause.
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