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Originally Posted by La Rubia View Post
Thatīs not hojaldre, Ribeirasacra.
Itīs a pastry that doesnt puff up.
Iīve never made them with pulpo.

Shopaholic: I have more recipes that Iīll go translate to post them in both languages, itīs true that itīs a good way to learn more useful vocabulary!!!
Doing it with pulpo has other connotations
Pastry in English is mainly either puff (layered so that it expands when you cook it) or shortcrust (stays much the same size on cooking). The former is hojaldre, the latter:
shortcrust (pastry)~crust (pastry) n uncountable (BrE) pasta f quebradiza (tipo de masa para empanadas, tartas etc); [source wordreference]
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