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Jews may share origins and therefore have similar HLAs in their genotypical makeup but they are not a race, they are an ethnicity. Forcing jews to convert or leave is part and parcel of the expulsion carried out by the Spanish royalty so for the jews who remained, they essentially had to change their identity or leave. Claiming to have jewish heritage does not give one the moral license to perpetuate antisemitic ideology. The expulsion was one brutal example of intolerance to difference which has to be avoided today as Spain becomes more and more diverse from the influx of immigrants.

It was the indigenous populations of the Americas which suffered infestations from Europeans and not the other way around. That is evidenced by the fact that whole indigenous communities were wiped out completely within a century after the arrival of Europeans. If the converse were true than European communities would have been wiped out like so many natives were in the Americas, but that simply wasn't the case.

Bottom line: Immigrant influx means tolerance to diversity in, xenophobia out.
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