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I'm just dipping my toe in here, because the last time we had a similar discussion, I appeared to have put both my feet in...big time.!

It is well documented that Captain Eucyer distributed blankets and an handkerchief infected with the smallpox virus, from the already infected Fort Pitt during the Pontiac Indian war.
The smallpox virus wiped out more people than diseases like measles, chickenpox, typus, diphtheria, etc etc. all put together.

The diseases mentioned above are highly contagious communal diseases, and as the Indians lived in sparse communities up and down the plains, and with the exception of veneral disease, they were free from communicable diseases, therefore they had no immunity to the "white mans" infectious dieases that had ravaged Europe and Asia for centuries ....the white man brought the disease to the Indians...otherwise how can we account for them flourishing and existing in a hard terrain prior to the invasion of Europeans.?

Also, the Indians practised the procedure of "isolation" hundreds of years prior to the "white man" acknowledging that it would prevent the spread of disease....anyone sick in a village would be taken outside and assigned a "nurse" usually an old woman who "belonged" to nobody.

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