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Originally Posted by Paco View Post
I see myself as a race, I am semitic and I look semitic I am pro-Israel 100% And I want to make that clear.
I personally don't see the reason for posting such a statement, and I find it racist and provocative in nature.

I'm going to put both my feet in here, by saying that the jews are not a semitic race.....there is no such race as a jew.
The word "jew" came about from the translation of latin scripts which do not have the letter J.
In the first translation of the English bible, Wycliffe referred to Jesus as a "gyu" and that word went through many changes like giu, iuw, iwe, iow, etc etc...until finally jew.

Anyone born in Judea was called a Judean, and Jesus was referred to as a Judean.
The Eastern jews who form 92% of the worlds population that call themselves jews were originally Khazars.
The only people who are semitic are the Arabs.

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