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Originally Posted by Grimace View Post
Why are they saying "guión" and "truhán" shouldn't have an accent? I don't understand the reasoning behind that, because if you take away the accent there it changes the spoken emphasis if you follow the rules for syllable stress.

I take it they've decided the incredibly simple and consistent system for accentuation (IF explained properly) is too hard for a few people and the solution should be to suppress accents in places they belong?

Manda huevos . . .
perhaps I did not understand the subtleties of the preceding rules, but I would have thought that guion and truhan do not need accents and that their presence is a violation of preexisting rules, viz, words of one syllable generally do not take accents, and that one or more a "weak" vowels i and u combined with a "strong" vowel (e, o, or a) just make a dipthong of one syllable. Given that the "h" is effectively nothing at all in spanish, we have in both cases a single syllable. No?

In any case it is not for you to question the all-powerful Real Academia Español--hay que fastidiarse.
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