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Default Upcoming changes to the forum!

Hi everyone, Marina and I are having a big 'refocus' session this week, and you'll be seeing a few changes here in the forum. Mostly this will just be in the way the forum sections are named, but a couple of the forum sections will merge. We'd like your ideas before we do anything, so feel free to chime in below.

First of all, we feel that there are just too many forum sections, and that merging some will not in any way harm the level of forum activity. Gastronomy, for example, will merge with Spain Culture. And it is likely that Learning Spanish and 'en espaņol' will also merge, probably with the Spanish video blogs section too, to keep all the 'Learning Spanish' subjects in one big area.

Finally, one of the biggest sections of the forum is the 'off topic' area - in that case, it shouldn't be called 'off topic' like it was a throw away area of the forum! So, a new name for the 'Everything else' section of the forum is in order. Any thoughts? I thought 'Life as we know it', or just 'Beyond Spain'...
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