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La madre que lo parió. The mother who gave birth to him.

Estoy tratando de recordar un dicho que oí una vez, algo como:

Eramos poco, y parió la abuela. Me gusto mucho, eso.

Not 100% on these even with help of WR

Pagar el pato to pay for something thats not your fault, or bear the brunt of it (so different to 'time to pay the piper')
e.g. Todos rompimos la ventana, pero yo pagué el pato

No es moco de pavo. It is not turkey mucus. It is not a (mere) trifle

En todas partes cuecen habas. Everywhere they boil beans.
It's the same everywhere/all over the world, or those things happen everywhere. Maybe like 'same old shit' (?)

¡Manda huevos! Send eggs! (I think) 'that's ridiculous' or 'that's bollocks' (a little crude)

Por si las moscas take care, watch out for....

Irse por los cerros de Úbeda. To go by the Ubeda´s mountains.

(total guess) to go around the houses, (take the long way around), but I suppose you could also guess 'to go on a wild goose chase' ?

¿Nos vas a ayudar Paquito (el Chocolatero)?

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