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Originally Posted by expatsinspain View Post

To me Ryanair displays a great price at first, then when you start to add up all the `extras` you realize how they are making up their money. Poor business practice in my view.

"Rip-off Air" strikes again?

I and a few golfing mates, attracted by advertising by "Rip-Off-Air" (you know who I mean) of low fares to Italy, planned to have a few days winter golf in the sunshine.

The basic return fare was a very reasonable 35 or so. BUT when you add

+ charges for debit card payment (even though it is an immediate transfer of funds!)

+ charges each way for personal check-in

+ additional charge each way for each piece of luggage checked

+ exorbitant charges each way for carriage of golf clubs with no guarantee that they will accompany you (a bit tough if you are on a golfing holiday)

+ charges each way for seat selection

+ extra charges if you have red hair and a wooden leg! (OK, I lied about the last but I would nor put it past them!)

As the whole cost came to nearly four times as much as that advertised, "Rip-offAir" was told to go forth and procreate and we took a scheduled airline for the same price but greater reliability of actually getting to our destination with our golf clubs!

When the offer is "too good to be true"- it is just that! Also remember that the policy is "No refunds under ANY circumstances!"

I avoid this airline like the plague!

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