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I returned from Tenerife last night and whilst I was waiting near our departure gate to open ( I flew with easyjet) . Ryan Air passengers where about to board their plane to Glasgow, then one of the ryan air crew said that they was going to check everybodys hand luggage and if it did not fit into their check in guide ( which seemed some be smaller than easyjets) , they would have to put in the cargo hold and charge 35.00.
Would it not have been better to check the hand luggage at the same time as the suitcases when they first arrived thus avoiding any unecessary costs to the passengers?
A lot of the hand baggage was filled with presents from the duty free shops etc and although some may have been a little bigger than the guide ( and I stress a little bigger), which was to me quite harsh . The passenger had no choice but to either throw away their purchases or pay the 35.00.
Another thing that gets me is how you checkin your flight.Would not be better that each person was allocated a seat number when checking in and so remove the scrummage at the boarding gate ? When people are traveling with families Im sure it would be better for all if the family was seated together instead of the mother or falther going up and down the isle to check their son or daughter is alright 10 rows further on.
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