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When in Europe I have flown the following cheaper airlines

EasyJet (2006) - Seemed pretty decent, minus the gaggle of kids behind me kicking the back of our seats like they were practicing for a round of penaltly kicks. Madrid -> Paris one Way.

Vueling (2009) - valencia -> Sevilla. Likewise seemed pretty decent. No problems. Good price too.

Meridian (2009) Florence Italy -> Barcelona. No problems, good price.

Mind you my wife and I travel with one bag each of check in lugage and a backpack for for take aboard. We try to travel resonably light.

For the tranatlantic flights between LA and Europe;
BA, Air France, or Luftansa. Mind you I find the airport in Franfurt a strange and oddly organized mess (Flew Luftansa from Paris->Germany->Tunisia round trip).

Unfortunately I no longer enjoy most of the US airlines, they seem like Ryan Air without the price reductions and a touch more rude on top of that. Just my experience.

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