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Default Video Editing Software Suggestions Sought


Does anyone know how the various video editing software packages (Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, AVID, et.) compare to each other? I’m looking for something that I can recommend for use at work. We’re currently using PCs running Windows XP, although we will upgrade to Windows 7 at some point. Don’t know when. Right now we’re using a couple of Sony cameras, a handycam and a HVR-A1U, but we may upgrade at some point.

I’ll probably be the one using the software. The only video editing of done to speak of has been with Windows Movie Maker, which is very limited. We won’t be making the next Hollywood blockbuster or anything. We’ll be mostly doing titles, transitions, and maybe some voiceovers. It will also be important for the software to be flexible with importing/capturing video in different formats and being to output in different formats (MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, etc.) as well.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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