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Originally Posted by Margot View Post
Hola Joe

Best avoid certain parts of Bali, as well
Finding something you've misplaced there could be a real challenge:

Joe: Excuse me, did you hapen to notice where I set my suitcase down?

A: Oh yes sir, it's just northeast of the south facing chair to the east of the ticket counter to the west. You can see it from here

Yes that would be me. I am one of those people who has an extremely poor sense of direction. But what is amazing is the other compensating factors and abilities one developes in place of it. I have a very good visual memory of places and things.

Interesting experience, my wife is from Barbados, getting directions from the locals when lost on a country road there is an expreience. The directions consist of a long list of negative conclusions.

Joe- how do I get back to the main highway
OldMan: Starts his descripton, you see that tree over there,
Joe": yeah
OldMan: you go there, you go to far...see that red house over there
Joe" yeah
OldMan: Don't go there...See those buildings over there,
Joe:" Yeah
OldMan: that ain't it....if you go down that round and see cow pasture, you gotta turn around

Mind you I am with locals and my wife, this is normal directions, and it will continue on and on, leaving one with the slightest idea of how to get there..

Joe: Thanks for you help..
As i Drive away, the old man is following my car still giving me long lists of negations, you gone to far when you at that green house close to the round bout....

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