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Originally Posted by SrCandas View Post
....I think the people who notice it less are living more like spaniards.
Exactly. The crisis has made the shops introduce two for one, or second item at 70% off, offers. There are more sales than there used to be. If you eat out, at least for lunch, go for the menu del dia. I've been here fending for myself here for a few years and some things have hardly gone up at all as market forces hasn't allow it.
That said, the cost of public transport in Madrid has doubled in five years and cigarettes are not the cheap item they used to be. (But still cheaper than UK equivilents!) I frequent two different bars in Madrid. One charges €3 for a caña, the other charges €1:50 with free tapas. So shop around is the answer.
Clothes are cheaper now, so long as you are not a victim of fashion and competition has meant technical stuff is much less than it used to be.
But yes, if you always eat out, go to the €12 a copa bars and shop in Serrano, prepare to be stung. Books are my one weakness and they never come down in price.
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