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One sad fact, it's almost impossible to get Suckling lamb in the states(milk fed only) and here in Spain it's equally as hard to get lamb that is old enough to have tasted anything else!
  1. Suckling lamb(I assume used in the recipe) is Milk fed(nothing else), very rich, and white meat. delicious!
  2. Lamb that most Americans/Brits know is old enough to eat grass and the meat is red with richness from the grass it eats. Bordeaux lamb is often lightly salty due to the salt air, Icelandic lamb too. In Minnesota there are lambs who taste a bit minty due to the pastures they feed in.
Using lamb that is not Milk fed only will give you a totally different experience. If you have a butcher ask them to see if you can order a Milk fed piece(if your not in Spain), it will make this dish much better!
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