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Default reading a book - podcast

hey, marina and ben,

i've been listening to your podcasts for almost a year and enjoy them very much. you've became the spanish voice of my ipod. also, you cheer me up, when i have a bad day and i want to thank you for your great work. currently i'm listening to your gold podcasts. from knowing nothing about spanisch and spain a year ago i'm fluent in spanish now, and i owe a great deal to your podcasts.

now, i already read some small spanish book and i'm reading the newspapers, but what i'd like to do now, is to read a real spanish book. and i remembered how we used to read books at school, our teacher handing us worksheets and having discussions about the characters and so on. it did help me a lot in learning english years ago. so i thought about how great it would be if you would choose a novel and could lead us through it. you know. each time discuss another chapter and some clue sections. go through the characters and the story. right now i'm trying to read 'la sombra del viento' from zafon.

however, i just thought i'll post it here, to tell you how i like what you're doing and to tell you about my suggestion.

saludos desde barcelona!
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